1972年生まれ 兵庫県宝塚市出身









1999年~2001年 京都インターナショナルアカデミーにてイラストコース及び絵本コースを修了。そこで多くのイラストレーター、絵本作家等との出逢いを重ねる。










She was born in 1972,  Takarazuka-City, Hyogo Prefecture


She love drawing and making things from her child hood.  And continued her creative works by self-taught. 

Since her teen's, she seriously thinking about the reason why she exhist in this world now. And try to looking for the answers of this questions in lots of religious books, and philosophy books.


Since 1993 started creating works in the form of poetry.

When she was 20 years old, the first time visited KOYA mountain (which is In Wakayama Japan, Sacred place) and saw MANDARA painting. The moment she saw MANDARA, suddenly got the answers for her questions.

Any religions, philosophy, and art, music etc, all the source of creativity is conect on root. And she realized that keep out her criativity will connect to the source. Then she rememberd what she want to do in this life that show to other people this through her art.

Then she decided to study Buddism in Bukkyo University in Kyoto while she working  at Company as secretaly.

 Also from 1999 to 2001, she went to Kyoto International academy and took illustrator course and Children's book course.

She met lots of creators in her class .(illustrators, Children's book creators, editor of magazine, movie producer etc.)


Besides working for the company, she had solo exhibitions “Poetry and animal painting exhibitions” from 1998 until 2005 in Osaka and Tokyo etc..

Selected at design exhibitions and win a lot of prizes.


There are many fans regardless of age, cultural back ground for her colorful and warm style.




With a poetry attached to the world of gentle animal eyes and beautiful color, she give her warm messages of sparkling of life.




After her exhibition in 2005, she stopped exhibition and spent time to look back herself in her daily life for over 10 years.

2009, she donated more than 20 of big paintings to general welfare facilities in Kyoto Kitayama, when they open Kitayama Fureai Center.


2015, she started to feel someone knocked her door of heart from inside. She began to create again slowly.

2016, A pink dolphin appears in her dream, and she started paint dolphins for the first time in her life.


Created the first poster image of the INOCHI NO Ohana project held in May 2017.


From various encounters in these activities, she decided to make life as a creative work that closely touches someone’s heart and reminds them some important things for sparkling of life.

At INOCH NO Ohana project, she met sound therapist AIKA, and she startd to know FUKUSHIMA CHILD SUPPORT .( One of kids care center "Kazeno Mori Gakuen" .

Now Yuki started to support them through her art.